Building & Construction Chemicals
(Additives, Repairing, Proofing, Tile Adhesives, Jointing, Painting, Finishing) New, Effective & Helpful Construction Technology

Our factories in the 10th of Ramadan city, produce several types of products and specific materials of high efficiency, which serve the building and construction chemical industries. 

So that we save your time, effort and money required for fulfillment of those activities, also we provide this service with high efficiency and diploid the scientific chemical progress to serve this entire of this field. 

Building & Construction Chemicals category includes:

[1] - Concrete, Mortar and Plaster Additives

  • It is a strong plasticizer, improves the properties of fresh and hardened concrete considerably. It lowers the surface tension in the concrete mix, it forms a lubricating film which increases workability in spite of decreasing water ratio. Reduction of the cement content can be achieved in order to economize the concrete mix.
  • It is a strong plasticizer, with melamine base for producing concrete mix with high workability, high stress and water resistant.
  • It is a multipurpose construction adhesive emulsion, it can be added to concrete and mortar to get several advantages and excellent adhesion.
  • It is a multi-purpose plasticizer, with excellent, unique, specific advantages. It can be added to concrete and cement mortar for various usage.
  • It is a rapid setting mortar powder of high efficiency, can be added to cement with different ratios according to the required setting time.

[2] - Repairing and Restoration Mortars

  • Is a strong coarse mortar, ready to be used for repairing honeycomb areas and fragments of great thickness. It can be molded, and after cure it won’t crack.
  • Is a fine mortar ready to used for repairing all kinds of cracks and branched gaps with a thin layer, this layer is strong enough and will not be crashed after drying.
  • Is a mortar ready for use, un-shrinkable after drying, of numerous usage and it can be poured.
  • It is a two component epoxy paste, of multiple usage, it is used as an adhesive mortar for concrete and iron and as a water resistant coat.

[3] - Assisting Materials for Constructing

  • It is an oil base product, used for forms (metal +wood). It can be sprayed or painted to facilitate separation and cleaning of steel dowels. It is used to achieve a smooth concrete surface (fair face concrete).


  • It is a high quality curing agent, used to prevent evaporation of cement water in the concrete mix, specially during setting time of concrete. It prevents cracks created from shrinkage due to evaporation of cement water.


  • Suitable for the etching of concrete floors and other surfaces prior to the application of surface coatings and toppings
  • The product can also be used for the removal of mortar runs from brickwork, removal of hardened concrete from tools and machinery and the removal of rust and mill scale from mild steel.
  • Formulated from a blend of inorganic acid, corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents. It is supplied as a clear liquid.
  • Removes laitance and improves penetration of surface coatings into concrete substrate.
  • Rapid action speeds preparation of concrete surfaces prior to application of surface coatings.
  • Removes hardened concrete and allows refurbishment of tools and brushes.
  • Removes mortar and allows the removal of unsightly mortar runs from surface.
  • Produces surface texture provides a physical key to improve adhesion of surface coating.
  • Is a liquid substance used for cleaning of different surfaces, from concrete and dry mortar without affecting the surface.
  • Is a liquid substance, can be diluted with water by the radio of 1:10. It is used for rinsing surfaces previously treated with CN-C1 to remove its traces from the treated surface.

[4] - Protective Paints and Surfaces Proofing

  • Flexible Epoxy matter, which is used for proofing and protecting metal surfaces against water, humidity and chemicals. It is applied by spraying or painting.
  • Phosphatizing solution, is applying by spraying, painting or submerging. It forms inert film of Iron-zinc phosphate on the metal surface.
  • It is an epoxy primer rolled by spraying or painting to form lining or final proofing film, with increase the binding with the finishing coat.
  • Epoxy paints family, is used for internal proofing of tanks. It is an anti-fungus paint characterized by its smooth surface that prevents the growth of any bacteria or fungi.
  • Epoxy paints family, is used for external proofing of tanks and basements. It is improves the scratch, friction and abrasion resistance.
  • It is a paint used as heat insulator, for all substrates. It reflects sun-rays and disperse heat effectively. It can be applied by painting or spraying.
  • It is a multi-uses epoxy paint, for proofing, preventing and protecting purposes. It can be apply on all wood, Iron and concrete surfaces.
  • It is a proofing P.V.C. Epoxy paint, of high resistance for different types of acids, and sewage water.
  • It is a proofing substance (cool tar epoxy), for all types of surfaces. It can be rolled to any thickness and numerous of faces.
  • It is a proofing substance (cool tar-epoxy), for all types of surfaces, contains solvents. It can be rolled to a thickness of 250 microns for one face.

[5] - Tiles Adhesives and Jointing

  • Strong and elastic acrylic cementitious mortar, it is a ready to use tile adhesive mixture, for adjusting different types of tiles. The minimum thickness of this unique mortar is 3:4 mm, and it is water resisting after full curing.
  • Two components epoxy base mortar, distinguished by its high strength. It is used for adhesion tiles in a minimum thickness of 1:2 mm. This mortar is 100% water cut, and it adheres to all surfaces.
  • It is a compound of high viscosity and elasticity, used for tile and mirror adhesion on wooden substrate. The minimum thickness of this tile adhesive is 1:2 mm.
  • Strong and elastic acrylic cementitious mortar, to be used for filling joints with layer thickness ranging from 3:5 mm, easily used, water resisting and it has different colors.
  • It is an epoxy base mortar, to fill joints in any thickness. It is distinguished by its good adhesion to all surfaces. Also it is an anti-fungus and prevents the growth of any bacteria, fungi and algae. Available in the required color.
  • It is highly flexible grouting mortar, that has a high flow ability due to its low viscosity. It is formulated for grouting cracks with any thickness. It shows elastic and rubber touches after drying.

[6] - Artificial Flooring and Floors Painting

  • Specific mortar epoxy flooring, of the thickness of 2:10 mm (and more). This specific flooring is scratch, water, oil, acid, chemical and load resistant. Also it is anti-fungus and prevents the growth of any bacteria, fungi and algae.
  • It is an epoxy layer in different colors with a thickness of 1:1.5 mm, it is resistant to scratch, chemicals, water, oil and load. Also it is anti-fungus and prevents the growth of any bacteria, fungi and algae.
  • It is epoxy paint in different colors with a thickness around 300 : 600 microns. It resist scratch, chemicals, water and oil, also it is anti-fungus and prevents the growth of any bacteria, fungi and algae.
  • We produce all the required materials for the specific stamped concrete, like the specific concrete additive, concrete colors and concrete sealant. That all used with the concrete mixture to perform the stamped concrete.
  • A three pack, acrylic polymer reinforced, cementitious flooring system formulated from a carefully selected acrylic polymer, cement and specially graded high strength aggregates.
  • The product is laid by trowel at between 8mm to 25mm in depth to provide a hard wearing, water resistant cementitious floor topping.
  • Provides a heavy duty flooring system with a high level of resistance to mechanical damage and light chemical attack.
  • Ideally suited for use in areas where conventional granolithic and cementitious systems fail to give the necessary level of performance.
  • Used in a wide range of environments including bakeries, food manufacturing areas, breweries, engineering shops, production areas, workshops and warehousing areas.
  • Durable with high level of abrasion resistance.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Chemical resistant , with higher level of resistance to acids and alkalis than normal cementitious systems.
  • Provides non-slip surface for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Faster development (Fast cure) of compressive strength than conventional cementitious screeds.
  • Aqueous dispersion of synthetic resin specially designed for the painting of tennis courts and sports fields in porous concrete.
  • Very easy use due to the single-component structure.
  • Surface structure offering an excellent compromise between skidding and blocking, even in the wet.
  • Very good resistance of colors to light.
  • Excellent wearing resistance.
  • Painting of porous concrete flooring and grounds, new or to be renovated, indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Surface protection and coloring leaving total porosity.
  • Designed to harden, dustproof and improve the wear and chemical resistance of new or aged concrete and terrazzo floors. Also designed to penetrate into the structure of cementitious substrates resulting in a much more effective hardening and dust proofing at depth than conventional surface hardening treatments.
  • In external locations it enhances resistance to weathering, acid and salt attack. The insoluble deposits left by the product in-depth hardening action serve to fill up small pores and reinforce weak floor areas.
  • Can be used in a wide range of environments such as warehouses, jet and conventional aircraft hangars, commercial garages, chemical installations, hospitals, schools, dairies, bakeries, canning factories, laundries, textile mills, industrial plants, bridges, walls, pre-cast panels and columns etc
  • Can also be used on sand/cement screeds which are to be covered by carpeting and are panels and columns (etc.), also can be used on sand/cement screeds which are to be covered by carpeting and are compatible with most resilient carpet tile adhesives.
  • Improves resistance to most acids and alkalis, organic and inorganic chemicals, oils and greases.
  • Penetrates cementitious substrates to harden and dustproof
  • Improves wear resistance of concrete and terrazzo floors.
  • Cleaning maintenance is greatly facilitated.
  • Improves weather resistant resistance to acid and salt attack.
  • A colorless solution of chemically active metallic fluosilicates and surfactants.
  • Easy to apply, fast drying coating based on a highly flexible hardwearing resin blend. It contains neither oil nor wax and is non saponifiable.
  • Provides simultaneous curing, sealing and dust-proofing of concrete floors. The tough abrasion resistant film, not only acts as a highly efficient curing membrane, but withstands rough treatment during construction work and reduces contamination.
  • locks most of the curing moisture into the slip, and as a result the correct environment, vital to achieve maximum surface hardness, is created.
  • Has good resistance to mild acids, alkalis, mineral oils and other chemicals. It has poor resistance to vegetable oils.
  • Effectively dust-proofs both old and new concrete surfaces by depositing a tough resinous film, which fills in the pores and crevices caused by the finishing operation or wear and tear, and makes easy removal of dirt accumulations from the surface. Loose powdery surfaces are effectively bound together.
  • Pigmented versions of the product are available for effectively providing colored finishes.
  • Cures, seals and dust-proofs in one operation.
  • Increases surface hardness when used as a curing membrane fast drying and permits early access to treated areas.
  • Keeps newly placed floors cleaner during subsequent constructions operations
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Can be applied on damp surfaces. Available in transparent or colored.
  • Reapplication of additional coats needs no preparation other than cleaning.

[7] - Internal and External Finishing Coats and Paints

  • Suitable for use as a decorative and protective coating on concrete, dense block work, wall renders polymer materials, asbestos cement and suitable brickwork.
  • Produces a tough abrasion resistant film with excellent Ultra-Violet light resistance and exterior weathering properties.
  • Protective coat that protects against atmospheric attack.
  • Water Resistant and prevents moisture ingress.
  • Dirt resistant, excellent dirt shedding properties.
  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as -5 oC (Low Temperature Application).
  • Excellent surface adhesion to a wide range of substrates.
  • Inclement Weather Application, and unaffected by rain contact shortly after application.
  • Available in a range of colors, in 3 finishes:
    1. Flat High Build
    2. Medium Textured
    3. High Textured
  • Solvent based coating, formulated from Styrene-acrylate copolymer resins, solvents, carefully selected light stable pigments and fillers.
  • Colorless solution of complex aluminum stearate based water repellent, suitable for most types of masonry including limestone, brick, mortar, concrete, cast stone and asbestos cement.
  • The material is solvent based and formulated for treatment to new or existing exterior masonry surfaces.
  • Provides water repellency to the structure from the effects of weather by prevention of moisture penetration. In the prevention of moisture penetration, the building is retained in a cleaner condition, staining is reduced and likewise efflorescene. Heat is retained within the building which would otherwise be lost through damp walls.
  • The function of the product is to render walls highly water repellent.
  • The ability of the wall to ‘breathe’ is maintained and moisture already within the masonry is allowed to evaporate.
  • Is intended for above ground application. It is not intended to resist hydrostatic pressure, as might arise if it were employed for below ground work, such as basement walls or underground masonry.
  • Additionally reduces damage to porous masonry materials caused by saturation e.g. damage due to frost.
  • Ideally suitable for application to cement (lime)/sand finishes, rough cast or pebble-dash, weathered asbestos cement sheets, weathered concrete, brickwork (excluding dense or semi-glazed engineering bricks), natural stone and artificial stone.
  • Prevents moisture penetration into substrate (Water/moisture repellent).
  • Allows moisture within substrate to evaporate.
  • Retains heat lost through damp walls
  • Protects masonry and reduces porous materials damage caused by frost
  • Reduces building staining and efflorescence.
  • Kempleko paint is colored decorative coat, it is a high viscous acrylic colored paint, highly effective, can be applied using a roller (the rate is l kg/m2), has excellent wash ability, and doesn’t affected by sunshine.
  • It is colored decorative coat, ready mix colored mortar, that be applied by using trowel, it gives numerous shapes with the required color (the rate is 3:4 kg/m2), Has excellent wash ability and doesn’t affected by sunshine.
  • It is a ready mix fine paste, used for smoothing and leveling substrata, highly effective, with high adhesion to plaster, and it gives smooth surface for a very clear plastic emulsion finish.
  • It is an emulsion coat, which can be used for interior walls with the desired color. It can be applied directly using wool or spongy roller or a brush, on all surfaces with a high efficiency.
  • It is an emulsion coat, which can be used for interior and exterior walls, has high wash ability and humidity proofing, doesn’t affected by sunshine or rains and stable against withering.
  • It is colored decorative coat, consists of colored granulate mixture ready mix mortar, can be used as abrasion and fire resistance interior and exterior walls. It does not affect by sunshine, water, wind and all withering.
  • High quality white adhesive for wood works. It is an excellent adhesive with high adhesion power and good cohesion, because of its favorable transition point. It does not affect by water or heat after drying.