CH-1000 (Sludge Liquefier & Carbon remover)

Liquefacient for frozen oils, with strong detergent for washing of oil circuits, coolers, spare parts and tanks, to get rid of traces of oils, suspended matters, splinters from inside motors case, to extend the life-time and increase the performance even when the maintenance periods are elongated. 

CH-1000 is effective Liquefier for all petrified and frozen oil bases sludge. It liquefies very professionally, and removes any blockage even in small pipes. It dissolves the stationary frozen sludge and completely releases it from the surrounded area.

CH-1000 is prolifically reduce the viscosity of all oil base sludge and liquids, and effectively cleans all the treated areas and free it from any oily contaminations. It can be flushed, washed and rinsed completely by water.