E.C.C.-110 (Dry Safe Cleaning Solvent)

Safe dry cleaning solvent, for different mechanical and electrical parts cleaning (carbon brush, spare parts, generators, casing, (etc.). It is evaporating cleaner to be used simply and easily with high efficiency and with out water rinsing or drying. 

E.C.C.-110 is a completely safe to use product, it is non flammable, non conductive, Inert, non-caustic, very effective drying solvent. So it is safe to use, handle and storage product.

E.C.C.-110 is also safe and environmental friendly product, it doesn’t content carbon tetra chloride, CFC’S or any ODS (Ozone Depleting Substance). Which make this product ideal for its purposes. 

E.C.C.-110 doesn’t effect or harm isolating varnish and all metal surfaces; it is powerfully and safely cleans all parts from oil base contamination and dirt.