• Fast & effective cleaner Specific degreaser, to clean and brighten gas & diesel engines.
  • Clean & degrease gas & diesel engines in minutes and Restore new engine look.
  • Eliminate whitewash.
  • Simply spray on, rinse off by water or blow off by air, then wipe.
  • Specially designed for automotive, marine, military & industrial gas & diesel engines.
  • For cleaning heavily soiled engine surfaces in cars, trucks, vans, tractors, boats, tanks, ..etc.
  • A powerful blend of solvents and degreasers.
  • Quickly penetrates to dissolves, remove, and cleans dirt, built-up grease and grime. Safe on plastic, metals, and maintaining rubber parts and pelts. As a result elongate different engine parts. Work effectively with no need to rinse by water, as suffice to replace ordinary washing ways by Kerosene, soap, and Water.