EXTRA CLEAN-C (Multi-Purpose Degreaser & Detergent)

A strong multi-purpose foaming water base remover and cleaner, that completely remove oils and grease from all kinds of surfaces. It is manufactured in high concentration form, to be diluted with high ratio of water, EXTRA CLEAN-C formulated from organic substances, which has a neutral effect, so it can be used safely on painted, interior and delicate surfaces, and can be applied under different conditions, on various surfaces safely. EXTRA CLEAN-C can be recognized as an ideal mild and odorless cleaner for cleaning external and internal surfaces of vehicles, equipment, tools, machines, and ground floors including bitumen. It can be also used as an effective cleaner for very dirty textiles and carpets. For best results, it is recommended to rub thick layers of dirties or contaminations and clots oils first. EXTRA CLEAN-C is non-toxic, non-flammable, and neutral; it does not affect the human health, so it can be stored, transport and handled safely. It is characterized by its ability to bio-degradation for all of its components.