Housekeeping and Internal Supervision Section

The products that cover all the needs for the open and public areas, to be cleaned and to look luxury and smell nice, like entrance, reception, halls, corridors, stairs, elevators, restaurants hall, rooms, toilets, public halls, floors, terraces, conference rooms, car & bus interior, (..etc.).

For this type of areas, we produce special industrial detergents that Clean, Disinfect, Brighten, the items that form it. Of course we didn’t forget to fresh the air and remove bad smell. 


Air fragrant of long lasting attractive smell. It also affects small insects and makes them run away. It has no side effect and doesn’t contain any dangerous substances on human health. 


Luxury creamy-liquid hand soap contains lanolin in high concentration. It has special perfume and could be used in ordinary and automatically liquid soap machine (dispenser). It is soft with fresh fragrance, found in attractive colors. Mild and gentle on hands and skin. 

NEW G. 14

Carpets & fabrics shampoo, cleaner & brightener that gives several advantages. Special formula, to clean and treat carpets, moquettes, and different types of fabrics, in one step. Specifically designed to Clean, Brighten, De-soiling, Anti-static, and exchange un-pleasant odors inside fabrics and textile. Extremely concentrate, to be diluted with water in high ratio, for cleaning and treating carpets, moquettes, different types of fabrics, and inside the car (for all Automotive and Household fabric upholstery).


Carpets & fabrics shampoo (for extreme cleaning). Special formula, to clean carpets, moquettes, and different types of fabrics. Specifically designed to safely clean, with no harm for the materials or for the colors. Extremely concentrate, to be diluted with water in high ratio, for cleaning carpets, moquettes, different types of fabrics, and inside the car. For all Automotive and Household fabric upholstery. 


Specific water base stain remover for all kind of textiles (chairs, curtains, carpets) act to impulse the stain and dissolve it with water by scrubbing and prevent it from striking to the textile again. 


One step, fabric guard, stains resisting shield. Unique formula that protect and reduce the porosity in fabrics and textiles, and make it liquids repellent. Forms stable insulation and non-obvious thin film, that resist fabrics absorption and stain adherence. Prevent Coffee, Tea, Beverage, Blood, Medicine, and dye stains to adhere to fabrics and textiles surfaces. Protects fabrics against spotting. Repels water and oil-based stains. Provide “UV” protection to resists premature fading, It will not change the feel of the fabric, and can be used on most fiber types or colors (for all Automotive and Household fabric upholstery).  


Special and natural leather cleaner and conditioner. High quality one step conditioner, designed to gently clean, restores and protect all types of leather. It is PH balanced, water base formula, safe to use on both car interiors and fine household leather goods. Releases original leathers shape, and restore original leathers shine. Cleans and remove oils and soils from all types of leather trim. Restores natural softness and protects against harmful “UV” rays. For all Automotive and Household leather upholstery. Ultimate leather treatment enriched with completely natural Aloe and softeners. 


High gloss protectant & shiner (for leather, rubber, vinyl & plastic) in water base and odor less, to cleans, shines and protects, lather, plastic, rubber, vinyl and wood. Gives spectacular long lasting High Gloss (shine), with high protection against cracking and UV damage. Reduce static electricity, which cause dust and dirt attraction. To be used for the cars (inside/outside), and for different personal & household goods. Available in the desired application methods, (Foam + Liquid + sponge), also available with pleasant different fragrances if required. 


Special brighter for stainless steel, to remove stains of rust, oils and mat. It efficiently and quickly gives brightness and vitality without affecting the surfaces. 


Special material to brightening all kinds of copper removing stains and copper oxide and to give glossy appearance extend to a long period, strong effect, high efficiency. It doesn’t contain any substance which affects human health.  


Special product to brightening silver, it acts to removes oxides from over silver work, Jewelry and containers without any side effects on the surface. It is applied by scrubbing.  


Special brightened to nickel or nickel chromium materials such as knobs, taps and other, to remove limp, stains and to give the surface distinguish brightness. It is applied by scrubbing.  


Liquid brightener and cleaner for wooden parts and floors, furniture and wood work. It is applied to all kinds of woods makes it bright and shiny. 


Strong effect substance for cleaning and brightening glasses, mirrors and reflex surfaces. It works to remove all lime, stains and give clearer vision. 


Strong product to quicken the operation of removing pre-existent floor wax from over walls, floors and marble surfaces to re-polish it.  


Specific substance to polish floors, surfaces and marble counters to clear up colors and natural beauty of marble. Its effect is long lasting. 


Analyses substance to remove rust, salts scales, and cemented precipitation from over all kinds of surfaces. It is characterized of strong efficiency. It is applied by spray, paint or scrub. 


Specific pine disinfectant, cleans, disinfects and deodorises. Cleans all surfaces, kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, also it acts as deodorizer that replaces unpleasant odors. It is a multi using purposes product characterized by its strong efficiency even after dilution. 


Concentrated Black disinfectant with carbolic acid base, to be used in cleaning and disinfecting bath room’s surfaces, sewers and drainage pipes. It also characterized by its ability to make different insects escape and leave the area. Also it acts as deodorizer that replaces unpleasant odors. 


Strong cleaner and disinfectant for toilets, urinal, basins, partitions and toilets floors and walls, to remove yellowish color and scales, and prevent presence and growth of fungi in case of regular using. Also it acts as deodorizer that replaces unpleasant odors. 

SIEN 5000 W

Special liquid substance to be sprayed on al kinds of woods to prevent wood putrefy and to drive away all kinds of insets, wood worm and prevent its growth.