Marine & Maintenance Chemicals
(Cleaning, Removing, Preparing, Enhancing, Maintaining, Inspecting & Protecting)

Helpful in new Under Building objects, Renewing and Easy Maintaining Old One 

We are one of the researchers Organizations in the Field of industrial chemistry. We have been studying, development, manufacturing and supplying specific chemical products which insure the quickness and efficiency of all specific chemical cleaning processes, manufacture requirements, maintenance activities and marine application, carried out in different Fields such as the following: 


  • Chemicals for all kinds of dry dock works.
  • Maintenance, cleaning and building of ships and marine armada.
  • Ship supplying, marine victual and navigation and marine painting.
  • Complete maintenance chemicals for factories, services and gas stations, (etc).
  • Prevention of marine pollution.
  • Specific cleaning of lines and tanks of crude and refined oils and aviation spirit.
  • Solutions and materials required for power stations, workshops, (etc.).
  • Specific maintenance chemicals for all surfaces, vehicles, floors and landing strips.

Marine & Maintenance Chemicals

Helpful Products

Helpful Products This type of products assists, facilitates and activates all new building and maintenance jobs. These products are valuable as the importance of the

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Supporting Products and Coatings

Supporting Products and Coatings These products are important for supplementary and supporting works, it effectively completes the job as required and achieves high specifications. We

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Treatments & Additives

Treatments & Additives The content of this section is:Concentrated Coolant, Cooling Additive, Fuel Oil Conditioner, Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor, Oxygen Scavenger, Biological Contamination Controller, Sewage

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Important Related Products

The following are important related products, these products are related to marine chemicals and maintenance products, it can’t be ignored. 
Please check the following links for specific, effective and safe important related products.

Cleaning Products
Detergents, oil and grease removals (degreasers), Hand Cleaner, Platforms Cleaner, Rig Wash, Drilling Detergent, Tank Cleaner, Sludge Liquefier & Carbon remover, Carbon Remover, Multi-Purpose Liquid Detergent, General Floor Cleaning Detergent, Fast Dry Safe Cleaning Solvent, Electrical Cleaning solvents, Dry Safe Cleaning Solvent, Oily Safe Cleaning Solvent (etc.) 
Please refer to the Petroleum & Specific Cleaners category

Cold Welding, Restoration and Epoxies Jobs
cold welding, metal repairing, filling, restoring, adjusting, resizing, adhering, leak stopping, abrasion and crack filling, ceramic coating, lining, flooring, painting, tiling, jointing, (etc.) 
Please refer to the Epoxies Applications category

Origin and Construct Maintaining
Concrete, Cement Mortar & Plaster Additives, Repairing and Restoration Mortars, Assisting Constructing Materials, Protective Paints and Surfaces Proofing, Tile Adhesive and Jointing, Artificial Flooring and Floors painting, Internal and External Finishing Coats Please refer to the Building And Construction Chemicals category