D.G.S.500 O,S (New Technology, Heavy Duty Degreaser & Detergent)

A unique, heavy duty, multipurpose, medium foaming water base and completely new degreaser and detergent, it is 100% environmentally friendly degreaser that completely removes and eliminates all oil base contamination without side effect, and can be applied under different conditions. 

D.G.S. 500 O,S is a safe product that can be used on any surface and even for human body. It never harm or damage all the surfaces (even the delicate ones) to be clean like plastic, fiber, glass, rubber, paint, concrete, wood, metal surfaces etc.


D.G.S. 500 O,S is a new degreaser designed according to a new technology, it is based on organic, non-corrosive, non- toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable, neutral (pH 7:8), water base, anti-pollution, and highly biodegradable compounds. Also this new degreaser has slightly acceptable mild odor (no harsh smell).

All of that makes D.G.S. 500 O,S as a new degreaser is ideal for all different specific and multi-purpose cleaning, that can be used for cleaning any in-or-out door objects, also for any in-or-off shore jobs, and have a very good oil dispersion power in the water medium.

D.G.S. 500 O,S is produced in a high concentration form, that is after water dilution in high ratio, eliminate any oil base pollution in a semi-liquid form, by transfer it to 100% water washable material, also it is designed to make the oil base pollution completely loose its stickiness and its adherence ability to any surfaces, and emulsify it at once. It is recommended to rub thick layers of dirties or contamination’s and clots oils first.

D.G.S. 500 O,S can be safely and effectively used for all household, automotive, workshop, fabric, floors, and machine cleaning purposes, and due to its non-harmful hi-specs and the approximate odorless merit, it can be used in closed and non-ventilated areas and tanks in all of the oil fields, marines and militaries applications.