Sien Group


We are the “SCIENTIFIC CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES GROUP” or “SIEN Group”; a one of a kind chemicals factory specializing in a plurality of products in various sectors. We are the leaders in the manufacturing of chemicals in the Middle East. 

The founder of SIEN is the late great Professor Ahmed Nagy; a clever scientist holding 4 PhD’s in the fields of organic synthetic chemistry, surfactants, polymerization and organic reactions. He was also a faculty member in several Egyptian universities, and represented the Egyptian government several times in many an international meeting and conference. 

In 2001 his son, engineer Mohamed Ahmed Nagy, became the chairman of the board of SIEN Group. Engineer Nagy grew up studying the fields of chemistry and the machinery of chemical industries, as a student of his illustrious father. 

We have been establishing and implementing our organization’s quality management system according to the International Standard ISO 9001/2015, and we are also certified by AJA Registrar.

  • We deal with researching, manufacturing, filling, packing, and quality control.
  • We deal with distributing different products and materials, and guarantee technical and specific support, plus after-sale services.
  • We deal with developing new products, updating technology, scientific consultation and manufacturing for other clients.
  • We deal with manufacturing and adjusting different equipments and machinery for various chemical and industrial procedures (production, filling, packaging etc… ).

One of our foremost rules is that we continuously care about our environment, so we don’t use environmentally harmful chemicals; also we prefer to depend only on organic components in our formulations and reactions, that is because it is always one of our main targets to produce environmentally friendly and highly biodegradable end products, with excellent efficiency in a highly concentrated forms. 

Our researchers apply the methodology known as PDCA (Plan-do-check-act):
They establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver results in accordance with customer requirements and organization policies. They implement the processes, monitor and measure procedures and products against policies, objectives and the requirements of the product then report the results. Finally we take action to continually improve performance. 

Based on our experience since 1979 in the Egyptian and the international markets (more than 26 years), we design and manufacture our end chemicals in our factories & laboratories in the 10th of Ramadan city – CAIRO / EGYPT. 

We manufacture more than 400 different chemical end products, divided into 9 main sectors discussed in our home page. We are supplying with our different sectors & products most of the strategic clients in the Egyptian and some of the African and Arab markets. Some of our main clients are:

  • The military.
  • Armory factories & workshops.
  • The Egyptian air force.
  • Egyptian navy & marine sector.
  • Suez Canal authority.
  • Harbors authority.
  • Egyptian national railways.
  • Petroleum companies and oil field.
  • Food, metal, wood, electronics & cement industries.
  • Egypt air company (Ground Support Equipment).
  • The public transport authority.
  • Egyptian ship owners.
  • Ship builders & ship building yards.
  • Car, truck & bus factories, workshops, service stations & agency.
  • Consumer products.

We have a very ambitious plan for exporting to:

  • The Remainder of the African and Arab markets
  • The eastern European and Asia markets
  • The Latin American market.

Our factory is located in the 10th of Ramadan city, this new industrial city was built in 1980, and it is very near and in the center of the main ports in Egypt. The travel time and the destination between the 10th of Ramadan city and the main ports city are:

  • 95 minutes away from Suez gulf (130 km from the Red Sea and the south of Suez Canal).
  • 55 minutes away from Ismailia city (75 km from the middle of the Suez Canal).
  • 120 minutes away from Portsaid city (160 km from the north of Suez Canal).
  • 95 minutes away from Ahmed Hamdy – tunnel (130 km from Sinai main junction).
  • 45 minutes away from Cairo city (60 km from Cairo and national Air Port).
  • 170 minutes away from Alexandria city (230 km from the Mediterranean Sea).

We are officially authorized by the Egyptian government to manufacture different chemical products, and are certified or member of the following authorities:

  • Ministry of industries.
  • Ministry of research and development.
  • Chamber of trading and industries.
  • Chamber of chemical industries.
  • Chamber of overseas trading (Exporting).
  • UKAS Quality management (ISO 9001/2000 international certificate).
  • Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).
  • National Oil Spill Contingency Plan (NOSCP).
  • Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).
  • National Institute of Oceanography & Fisheries (NIOF).
  • National Research Center (NRC).
  • Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI).
  • National Chemical Analyses Institute.
  • The 10th of Ramadan city investors association.
  • The Egyptian investors association.
  • The Egyptian creation and inventors association.