R.W-20 (Rig Wash)

A mixture of organic derivatives and surfactants, that is specially designed to be used as a very effective water base and highly biodegradable cleaning agent in cold or hot and high-pressure cleaning operations. It is used to clean all surfaces in a very effective action (after dilution with water) from fats, lubricant and mineral oils, greases, carbon, sludge, wax’s, crude and refined oils. 

R.W-20 based on readily biodegradable ingredients that is completely free from hydrocarbon solvents, benzene, chlorinated solvents, aromatics, caustic alkalis, and free mineral acids.

R.W-20 is a safe product in handling, storage, and applying. It never harm or damage the surfaces to be cleaned like plastic, fiber, glass, rubber, paint, concrete, wood, etc., It doesn’t harm or damage metal surfaces like Iron, Zinc, Aluminum, Copper, etc. in any dilution ratio. Also its usage and application is very simple.

R.W-20 is a high concentrate solvent free degreaser / cleaner that can be diluted and rinsed by water. It is effective in cleaning all contaminated surfaces from oil pollution by penetrating the contaminated oil film and make it loose the ability to adhere with the different surfaces and emulsify it in water, in order to make it able to be washed and rinsed easily. This will make the oil base pollution not sticky and loose the adhesive power and never cause problems any more, specially to the near and the surrounded surfaces, floors, clothes, wastewater elements and pipes.