SURFC-12 (Degreaser & Detergent - for textiles and other surfaces)

A powerful emulsion cleaner for removal of all types of greases and oils form textile, also it works on any other surfaces like ferrous & non ferrous metals, concrete, wood, plastic, glass, painted surfaces, (..etc.). It applies on textile by pointing some of the product on the spot, leave it to soak and wash normally, or spray and brush process for other surfaces. 

SURFC-12 is non-irritant, non-toxic & non-flammable. Since is not an Alkaline or Acidic base it is a Neutral Degreaser. It can also be used for cleaning of Steam lines, Lubricating oil systems, Turbo Blower coolers, Heat exchangers, (..etc).

SURFC-12 is extremely effective non-caustic water based liquid degreaser/detergent designed for a broad range of applications with special emphasis on extreme oil and grease contamination.

SURFC-12 is very effective in cleaning oil soiled concrete, engines, offshore rig/platform cleaning and harbor maintenance. Will not harm painted surfaces, and it is safe to use on any surface not harmed by water. It is biodegradable, nontoxic, nonflammable, and leaves no residue after rinsing.