D.G.S. 500 (Ultra Heavy Duty Degreaser & Detergent)

A new special foaming water base and environmentally friendly formulation, based on organic, non-corrosive, non- toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable, neutral (pH 7:8), water soluble, anti-pollution, and highly biodegradable compounds, to be used as a Heavy duty Multipurpose degreaser & oil clots remover. It is used for cleaning all the surfaces (after diluted with water) from fats, lubricants, hydraulic and mineral oils, greases, carbon, bitumen, sludge, crude and refined oil efficiently.

D.G.S. 500 is a high concentrate product that can be diluted and rinsed by water. Even with the dilution range of 1:50 water, D.G.S. 500 will still be very effective in cleaning all the surfaces from oil base pollution. Also D.G.S. 500 never harm or damage all the main surfaces to be cleaned like glass, concrete, wood, and metal surfaces like Iron, Zinc, Aluminum, Copper, etc. in any dilution rate. Due to its industrial odor, so it is not recommended for closed and non-well ventilated areas.

D.G.S. 500 is a very powerful product, designed to make the oil base pollution loose the ability to adhere to different surfaces and emulsify it, in order to make it able to be washed and rinsed easily by water. This will make the oil base pollution not sticky and loose the adhesive power and never cause any type of problems any more, specially to the near and the surrounded surfaces, floors, clothes, waste water elements and pipes. D.G.S. 500 is an industrial safty product. Its handling, storing and applying is too safe. Its application is so easy, simply dilute with water and apply the solution by the available way. For best results, it is recommended to rub thick layers of dirties or contamination’s and clots oils first.