WG-24 (Degreaser)

A champion non-foaming degreaser, used as a strong water washable, substituent for kerosene. It can be diluted and rinsed with water, used for cleaning and get rid of oil and grease which contaminate engine surfaces, coolers, and spare parts without affecting them. WG-24 can be used either by spraying, painting and immersing of contaminated parts to be cleaned and then rinsed by water, or can be used inside hot and pressurized parts washing machine. This product is ideal for cleaning car metal body before treated through the surface treatment line. WG-24 is a specific effective degreasing liquid, based on organic, non-corrosive, non- toxic, non-caustic & neutral component. To be used as a Heavy duty multipurpose degreaser & oil colts remover to clean all surfaces in a very effective action from fats, lubricant, hydraulic and mineral oils, grease, oils, carbon, bitumen, sludge, crude and refined oil. It can be diluted by hydrocarbons solvents or water, and it can be completely rinsed by water. WG-24 is a very powerful product with high penetration & dissolution power, designed to dissolve the oil base pollution and loosen its ability to adhere with different surfaces and emulsify it with water, in order to facilitate its washing and rinsing by water. This will make the oil base pollution not sticky and loose the adhesive power and never cause any type of problems any more specially to the near and the surrounded surfaces, floors, clothes, waste water elements and pipes