WG-25 (Platforms Cleaner)

A strong non-foaming cleaner, used to clean and get rid of oils clots and sludge, from platforms, all kinds of engines and spare parts. It is a powerful liquid, to be spread as it is on the surface to be cleaned, leave it for 10:15 minutes then rinse it by pressurized water. To enhance better performance, brush the treated surface before rinsing, then rinse it by pressurized hot water. 

WG-25 is a specific effective degreasing liquid, based on non-ionic surfactant in hydrocarbon solvent. To be used as a Heavy duty degreaser & platform cleaner for cleaning all the surfaces in a very effective action from fats, lubricant, hydraulic and mineral oils, grease, carbon, bitumen, sludge, wax’s, crude and refined oils.

WG-25 has a very strong solvency power with a deep penetrating ability and it is flushed by water. That makes this product unique in the main and specific cleaning operation specially for cleaning of clingy / tough oil accumulation and highly oil contamination areas. Even after dilution with an equal volume of naphtha or kerosene, WG.25 will still be very effective in degreasing and cleaning.

WG-25 is ready to used as supplied (without dilution) or after dilution, in cleaning (for example) platforms, oil vessels, tanks, floors, decks, runways, taxi and disposal areas, engine or other machine parts, oil stained clothes and thread dope from drill rig elevators and slips.

WG-25 can by used by the available method (spraying, brushing, dipping, ..etc). It is oil soluble and can be also diluted and flashed by water.