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Helpful Products

Helpful Products

This type of products assists, facilitates and activates all new building and maintenance jobs. These products are valuable as the importance of the tools, and it forms a complete kit that covers different maintenance job requirements. 

We designed these helpful products carefully to be easier in applying and to minimize any side effect on the workers, surfaces and environment.

Marine & Maintenance Helpful Chemicals Products category includes:

Paint stripper, Rust converter, Rust remover, Rust Stains Remover, Descaling liquid, Protecting agent, Lithium grease, Penetrating oil, Releasing Agent, Fast Adhesive,
Engine foam, Cleaning foam, Cleaning Solvent

Anti-Spatter, Welding Flux 

Water Indicator, Dye Penetrant, Florescent Penetrant  

[1-A] - Assisting Products

For related items, please refer to the Miscellaneous & Consumer Products category.​

D/90 (Paint Stripper) :

An active remover of all kinds of ordinary paints or special ones (epoxy, electrostatic) from metals, woods or other surfaces without affecting the surface or dissolving the paints since it remove the paints as scrapping. It may be applied by painting or dipping. It penetrates, loosen and remove industrial paints, oil and grease and carbon deposits from ferrous and nonferrous metal surfaces.

Fast acting for domestic and automotive paint removing, which removes several coats of paint or varnish at once. Removes paint or primers from cars and removes furniture polish, Lacquers, Varnishes & French polish.

RASTEX (Rust Converter)

It is a blend of penetrants, acrylic converters and proprietary acids specially formulated to neutralize and convert existing rust and to form a durable, black protective barrier against corrosion. It is designed to provide excellent protection on all iron and steel surfaces in one application. A second application may be applied after 12:24 hours. ​

RH-600 (Rust Remover)

It is a concentrated inhibited acid solution, suitable for use in industrial rust stain removal and metal cleaning applications. It is a fast acting, acid type compound that neutralizes alkaline residue

RH-600 P.S. (Rust Stains Remover)

Is a very effective in the removal of dirt contamination, salt water residues, rust stains, rust lines and metal oxide deposits on cured painted surfaces in ships sides, oil tanks, locomotives and train surfaces, power plants, refineries, production facilities or any facility where rust stains are problematic.


SIEN 7000 (Hard Descaling Liquid)

It is a liquid acid containing descaling accelerators, corrosion-inhibitors and wetting agents. Acid based product contains inhibitors against attack on ferrous metals with unlimited shelf life. It is Fast and effective scale remover and easy to rinse off. Removes water scale and rust from condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, Boilers, (etc.). 

SIEN 7000 T.P. (Light Descaling Liquid)

It is a liquid acid containing descaling accelerators, corrosion-inhibitors, wetting agents and sequestering agents. An acid based product contains inhibitors against attack on ferrous metals with unlimited shelf life. It is effective and safe scale remover and easy to rinse off. Removes water scale and rust from radiators and delicate parts in condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers, Boilers.

MORVEX (Rust Preventative Storage Compound)

Protecting, rust-proofing and anti-salting agent, that act as an anti-rust outstanding water and humidity displacing, non-staining rust preventative which will rapidly separate water displaced from metal surfaces after machining operations or after alkali cleaning. The resulting film is oily, transparent, and non-staining. 

These ultra thin, highly protective films are effective in the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from atmospheric corrosion even under conditions of high humidity, both fresh and salt mists. Materials protected with MORVEX are protected indefinitely for inside storage even under extreme conditions.

Rust proofing, electrical insulator and anti-salting component. High penetration power, forming a stable and a completely isolation -easy to clean- film. Preserve spare parts, molds and different metal work, in industrial, vehicles, marine applications, weapons (..ext.). Also for different electrical insulator and prevent salting formation.


High quality, lithium grease. An easy and convenient to use heavy-duty lubricant with deep penetrating qualities. Reduces friction in all metal to metal applications. Spray on as a liquid. Sets up as lubricating grease that will not melt, run, wash off, or freeze. Protects against rust and corrosion. Suitable for all maintenance jobs. Multi-use for Auto, Home, Marine, Military, Maintenance and shop. 

AC-40 (Penetrating oil)

Difficulties manageable, for all jobs penetrating, lubricating & rust removing oil. It is the Liquid Maintenance, formed from a blend of unique integration component with high penetrations power, dissolve rust and give a complete deep lubrication for the treated parts. Clean and protect, prevent rust formation and drive out moistures an stops squeaks, loosens and soothes rusted parts, free and release sticky mechanisms. For Thousands of uses at work, office, car and around the home, for different maintenance applications


Effective Anti-Friction & Releasing Agent for Non-Metallic Materials and industries, such as Food, Paper, Beverage, Textile, plastic and Wood industries. It is colorless and Chemically Inert Specific Parting Compound, for use in manufacturing of plastic and elastomer parts. Provide hi Performance Separating Shield, with wide applications, suitable for all processing and maintenance separating jobs.

DX-7 (Special Fast Adhesive)

Specific adhesive for fabric (textile), paper, carton, foam (..ext.). Fast dry with required adhesion power. No harm for adhered surface. 


Heavy duty, engine foam for cleaning all engine surfaces. It is a powerful blend of solvents and degreasers, that quickly penetrates to dissolves remove and clean. Fast clean dirt, built-up grease and grime from all Auto, Marine, Military & Industrial Engines. Simply spray on, rinse off. It cleans and degreases in minutes. 


Multi-purpose, cleaning foam, for safe & deep cleaning. Safe and neutralized blend of new water base surfactants. High foam, for complete and powerful cleaning, that clean and remove tough dirt, road grime, tar, oil and grease. For all lather, rubber, plastic, vinyl, fabric, and metal surfaces .. and more. Replaces Whitewall, Wheel, Fabric, Carpet and Engine Cleaners .. plus more. For All Automotive & Household Uses.

CC-55, Cleaning Solvent

Carburetor cleaner & cleaning solvent Formed from a mixture of higher solvents, to give perfect and ideal results. Dissolve and remove carbon, wax, gum and varnish and release blockage parts and clean carburetors, chokes and valves. Can be used as a carbon remover or as a dry degreaser and cleaner for all metal work. 

[1-B] - Welding Products

SIEN AS-101 (Anti-Spatter)

A special completely organic formula, for all welding process, which Prevent sputters to adhere to metal work, around the welding area. Produce a clean welded line, with no need for cleaning or grinding. For work and torch, especially for the CO2 welding torch.

SIEN FLUX 3L (Welding Flux)

It is a welding flux, used when welding different surfaces using various welding alloys. This material has very high weld ability, even in presence of oil traces between the welding alloy and the surfaces to be welded.

[1-C] - Inspection Products

SIEN W.I. (Water Indicator)

Special paste used to indicate in seconds the presence and the height of water in fuel tanks without affecting the fuel itself. It react by changing the color of the paste, just when the paste touching the water (color-cut). The past is applied on the surface of the graduated testing rod and then dipped in the fuel (measuring stick), so the paste color changes immediately only in the film in contact with the water.

CDS-123 (Dye Penetrant Kit)

A kit of three cans, to be used for crack detection and weld inspection, in a process that is named “Red Dye Penetrant Inspection Process”. Easy to use, with fast and clear results. Powerful cleaning, high penetration and clarity developing, in crack detection and weld inspection.

SIEN F.C-P (Florescent Penetrant)

For detecting of cracks and welding defects using penetrating fluorescent dye which characterized by sensitivity and precision of the test. This compound may be handled and delivered in bottles either under pressure or in the liquid phase. [It is important to provide ultra-violet rays and the other required conditions].