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Treatments & Additives

Treatments & Additives

The content of this section is:
Concentrated Coolant, Cooling Additive, Fuel Oil Conditioner, Corrosion Inhibitor, Scale Inhibitor, Oxygen Scavenger, Biological Contamination Controller, Sewage Water Treatment 

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Concentrated Coolant

Special concentrate cooling solution with farther advantages, for radiators & engines cooling systems. Content the international percentage of active ingredient. Increase the engine cooling system efficiency by:

  1. Inhibit the metal corrosion inside the engine cooling system.
  2. Inhibit the scale formation inside the engine cooling system.
  3. Content special additives that increase the heat transfer.
  4. High thermal conductivity, content special additives that earn the heat fast and loose it fast.
  5. Increase water boiling point, to give a wide cooling range, before the water convert to steam.
  6. Content non-foaming agents, to prevent overpressure that cause overheating and damage.

Completely safe on all surfaces, metals, metal alloys, plastic and rubber and reduce the cleaning and changing parts and maintenance efforts.

SIEN WT-290 (Cooling Additive)

This is a compound ready to add to the closed cooling circuits and systems, for treatment of cooling water. It is always used to increase the efficiency of cooling systems and heat exchange, by protecting the system from corrosion, scale formation due to the precipitation of salts on the tubes and pipes internal surfaces.

SIEN 306 (Fuel Oil Conditioner)

A fuel oil conditioner works to homogenize fuel, prevents blocking, rust and corrosion. It elevates the ignition point, decrease burning residues and leakage. It is also minimize maintenance efforts and dealing with sulfur rates, water, impurities and dust which are mixed with fuel (especially heavy fuel).

SIEN WT-150 (Corrosion Inhibitor)

This additive is to be added to industrial water to prevent corrosion of metallic parts in boilers, cooling towers, (etc.).

SIEN WT-210 (Scale Inhibitor)

It is added to industrial water to prevent precipitation of salts on the internal parts of the various cooling and heating systems.

SIEN WT-120 (Oxygen Scavenger)

Special additive to catch dissolved oxygen in water and changing it to the inert state to inhibit its effect on metal surfaces.

SIEN WT-220 (Biological Contamination Controller)

Additive to control biological contamination like algae, moss, and prevents its growth in closed and open circuit systems and tanks.

SIEN S – 60 (Sewage Water Treatment)

Concentrated solution for treatments of sewage water. It is added to sewage tanks or sewers to fritter solid residuals and prevents unpleasant smell characterized sewage.