A.D.L-11 (Alkaline Degreaser - Liquid Form) Petroleum & Specific Cleaners

A.D.L-11 (Alkaline Degreaser – Liquid Form)

A.D.L-11 (Alkaline Degreaser - Liquid Form)

A blend of surfactants, water-based solvents, de-rusts agent and alkaline detergents, specially formulated to melt away oily deposits from hard surfaces, specifically concrete. 

A.D.L-11 has proven to be exceptionally effective in the removal of ground in oil and grease deposits that have been baked by the sun. Special care should be taken when using this product as it contains caustic soda.

A.D.L-11 come in high concentrate form, so it can be diluted or used as is for quick results in cleaning of oily / greasy metal components, oily machine beds, painted surfaces, floors, stained wood and plastic surfaces.

A.D.L-11 is the best alternative to costly mineral oils or solvents for the purpose of cleaning oiled or greased metal components. Degreaser being alkaline in nature not only cleans oily metal surface but also offers temporary protection from corrosion. On application either by applying or dipping, compounds present in this liquid start reacting with oily substances present on metal surface.

A.D.L-11 application method depends upon thickness of oil or grease. For thinner layers, oil can be removed in a matter of minutes either by swabbing in case of low thickness and by spray washes in case of thick layers. Being water soluble, concentration of this can be reduced for applications of different nature by adding soft water. This can remove stains from painted, plastic or any other surfaces easily.