AC-40 (Oily Safe Cleaning Solvent) Petroleum & Specific Cleaners

AC-40 (Oily Safe Cleaning Solvent)

AC-40 (Oily Safe Cleaning Solvent)

One step cleaner and lubricant for moving mechanical and electrical parts (buttons, hinges, (etc.), prevents rust, protects against breaking, prevents the stridulating and increases its performance. Due to its high penetration ability, it is a unique multi-use product to maintain, clean and smoothen with no need to re-open the parts to be maintained. 

AC-40 has a great penetrating ability with high oil cleaning power and strong rust dissolving result with necessary lubricating agents, all that makes this product is ideal for easiness all the maintaining job starting from the screw loosing to bearing, hinges and moving part releasing or smoothing.

AC-40 is a completely safe to use product, it is non conductive, Inert, non-caustic, very effective drying solvent. So it is safe to use, handle and storage product. It is also safe and environmental friendly product, it doesn’t content carbon tetra chloride, CFC’S or any ODS (Ozone Depleting Substance). Which make this product ideal for its purposes.

AC-40 doesn’t effect or harm isolating varnish and all metal surfaces; it is powerfully and safely cleans all parts from oil base contamination and dirt and smoothen its movement.