D.D-35 (Drilling Detergent) Petroleum & Specific Cleaners

D.D-35 (Drilling Detergent)

D.D-35 (Drilling Detergent)

A highly biodegradable, high performance, drilling detergent. Formulated from organic, non- toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-flammable, natural, and readily highly biodegradable ingredients. This product doesn’t contain any hydrocarbon solvents, benzene, phenols, chlorinated solvents, aromatics, caustic alkalis, and free mineral acids. 

D.D-35 is a high concentrate, very effective drilling detergent for field applications & for enhancing the drilling rate. It’s reduces the surface tension in the drilling mud, increasing water-wetting of the formation ahead of the bit and improving the suspension of cuttings. Since the chips are quickly water wetted, no differential pressure is built up which would plaster them on the formation and make their removal difficult.


D.D-35 Clean the wells annulus and disperse the wall cake quickly, thereby reducing pressure differences and thus releasing the stuck pipes. This product has a unique ability to penetrate accumulation of dirt and grease which are commonly encountered on wellheads, flow lines, oilfield tools, and other equipment’s. 

D.D-35 Can be used as a powerful (solvent free) highly biodegradable, degreasing & cleaning agent in cold, hot or high-pressure cleaning for the cleaning of oil contaminated areas on walls, decks, floors, platforms, rig, drill cuttings and mechanical equipment’s