H.DEGRASOL (Tank Cleaner) Petroleum & Specific Cleaners

H.DEGRASOL (Tank Cleaner)

H.DEGRASOL (Tank Cleaner)

A strong and effective dissolver and cleaner, for cleaning all fuel, oil and petrochemicals tanks. It is used easily and in sufficient safely as a strong solvent for various petroleum deposits on tanks bottom and internal sidewalls and pipe systems, and to qualify the tank to the gas free inspection for any maintenance purposes. 

H. DEGRASOL a powerful tank cleaner based on petroleum solvents, emulsifying agents and surfactants, in a low-toxic, biodegradable solvent based properties. This product is excellent tank cleaner and degreaser for mineral oils and petroleum based residues.

H. DEGRASOL can be applied neat with a brush, by hand sprayer, immersion, soaking etc.. The contact- or soaking time should be between 15 minutes to 2 hours before rinsing off with hot or cold water. Hot water will improve the result of the cleaning. Can be sprayed neat onto tank surfaces to be cleaned, and the best result is achieved with hot water.

H. DEGRASOL easy to use, highly concentrated tank cleaner with quick penetration and powerful emulsifying properties. The emulsifying agents in this product are biological degradable. It is easy rinse off product, leaving clean and oil-free surfaces. It is also safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted surfaces and tank coatings, and very Economical, with very low dosage rates.

H. DEGRASOL is a versatile product, can be used for a wide range of applications. Can be used for cleaning and gas-freeing of double bottom, deep, and fuel oil tanks at sea. Also can be used for cleaning and gas-freeing of crude and refined mineral oil cargo tanks. Can also be used for degreasing and cleaning of bilge spaces and engine rooms.