Industrial Detergents Kitchen and Food Preparing Section

Kitchen and Food Preparing Section

Kitchen and Food Preparing Section

The products that cover all the needs for Clean, Disinfect, remove, brighten, de-blocking, (..etc.), that is all needed for the preparing, serving or catering foods by the right way. 

These products are very important for any kitchen or food preparing areas, to improve the service and guaranty the customer satisfaction.


Liquid detergent to be used in dishwashing machines, it is foamless and has a strong effect in cleaning all the items. 


Special formulated oil, to be used in dishwashing machines for fast drying and for prevent the formation of lime and white spots on glasses and porcelain containers after their dryness. 


Strong scales and salts remover from dishwashing machines. 


Special dishwashing machines salt, which guarantee maximum effect for the machine with no blockage, and get maximum water softening which enhance the detergent and the machine performance. 


High effective chemical compound, to restore shinning and brightness of porcelain, glasses surfaces, stainless, and aluminum and remove tea stains from it. To be applied by dipping after the dilution. 


Strong dissolvent and cleaner of burnt greases, fats and oils from over all kinds of surfaces. it acts easily on cold or on hot surfaces with no need to any complicated operations. It completely and easily clean all ovens, grills, toasters, microwaves, plates, chinese, faceplate, tray, pasta and dough shaper (..etc.) from the yellowish and dark Browne contamination. 

MASS 100

Multi-purposes Industrial liquid detergent, with strong cleaning power and good fragrance. It is concentrated and applied by washing for cleaning all kinds of kitchen containers like cups, pans, dishes, spoons (..etc.). It should be diluted with cold or hot water according to dirt type and contamination. Neutral detergent for general cleaning of all surfaces. 


Very specific substance, to clean and disinfect all kitchen surfaces, items, floors, food preparing and presenting surfaces and kitchen containers like cups, pans, dishes, spoons (..etc.). It is a double function operation, cleaning of greases oils and fats, and Disinfecting from germs, fungi, bacteria (-ve and +ve grams), viruses and microorganisms. This product is odorless and in high concentrates form, so it must be diluted before work with it. 

EXTRA CLEAN-C (Multi-Purpose Degreaser & Detergent)

A strong multi-purpose foaming water base remover and cleaner, that completely remove oils and grease from all kinds of surfaces. It is in high concentration form, to be diluted with high ratio of water

  • EXTRA CLEAN-C formulated from organic substances, which has a neutral effect, so it can be used safely on painted, interior and delicate surfaces, and can be applied under different conditions, on various surfaces safely.
  • EXTRA CLEAN-C can be recognized as an ideal mild and odorless cleaner for cleaning external and internal surfaces of vehicles, equipment, tools, machines, and ground floors including bitumen. It can be also used as an effective cleaner for very dirty textiles and carpets. For best results, it is recommended to rub thick layers of dirties or contamination’s and clots oils first.
  • EXTRA CLEAN-C is non-toxic, non-flammable, and neutral; it does not affect the human health, so it can be stored, transport and handled safely. It is characterized by it ability to bio-degradation for all of its components.


A multi-purposes liquid detergent, which is compound from neutral organic substances, which have no side effects. It can be diluted with water to be used in unspecific periodical general cleaning. To be used in regular general cleaning purposes. 


A specific detergent designed for cleaning all kinds of floors, to clean it from dirties and oils with high efficiency, to be diluted with water, non toxic and non flammable, may applied by rubbing with a brush. 


Multi-uses, non toxic, strong odorless disinfectant, used to exterminate germs, fungi, bacteria (-ve and +ve grams), viruses and microorganisms. For disinfecting all kinds of delicate and sensitive surfaces with strong efficiency and to eliminates bad smells on it. It is high concentrated product, so it should be diluted by water before work with it. 
-in soil spots and stains from all kinds of textiles and fabric, and make it ready to be removed when washed. It is applied on hard stained areas like collars and cuff, and it prevent re-sticking the stain to the fabric again. It may applied by scrubbing, or dipping. 


Fragrant, multi-uses, non toxic, strong disinfectant, for disinfecting drainage pipes, sewers, garbage and floors against germs, fungi, bacteria (-ve and +ve grams), viruses and microorganisms. It also eliminates bad smells. It should be highly diluted with water. 


Strong toxic disinfectant, for drainage pipe, sewers and garbage, against germs and insects. It also eliminate bad smells. 



Drain de-blocking and disinfecting powder, it completely open the blocked pipes, drainage, basins, toilets, and clear their blocking by organic materials. And it disinfects these items from microorganisms, and eliminates bad smells. It doesn’t have any corrosion effect on iron metal, porcelain and plastic surfaces. 


Gelatin fuel with high viscosity to be used in continues calm heating purposes under services pans. It is gelatin and in high viscosity shape so it is safe.