Advantages of D.G.S. 500 O Environmental Pollution Fighting Oil Spill Dispersants

[1-C] – Advantages of D.G.S. 500 O,S&R

Advantages of D.G.S. 500 O,S&R

D.G.S. 500 O,S&R was designed & manufactured in EGYPT to give several advantages

  • High performance, very low toxicity and highly biodegradable dispersant.
  • Completely safe product (water base), soluble in sea water.
  • Doesn’t contain any hydrocarbon solvents, benzene, chlorinated solvents, aromatics, caustic alkalis, and free mineral acids.
  • To be use as a type 2 as well as a type 3 dispersant, with a very strong spontaneous dispersing ability, even the slightest motion in water could be enough to disperse oil immediately & completely.
  • Enhance and accelerate natural physical and biological degradation for the dispersed oil.
  • Doesn’t attack or harm the micro organisms (specially the bacteria) which treat the dispersed oil by transfer it to proteins, release it to carbon & hydrogen (natural biodegradation process).
  • Prevent the formation of viscous oil emulsion (type “chocolate mousse”).
  • Reduce the oil / water interfacial tension, and inhibit dispersed oil to form slick again.
  • Doesn’t cause by any form a deposition for the spilled oil to the bottom of the sea.
  • Acting with the oil in a physical action only (no chemical reactions occur with the oil).
  • Enlarge oil interface which promotes the desired physical & biological degradation.
  • Prevent the contamination of spilled oil on ships, harbors, beaches, aquatic birds and living creatures.
  • Can be used to clean the contaminated areas on beaches, rocky shores, harbour walls, decks, floors, drill cuttings and mechanical equipment’s. 


  • No agitating, disturbing, or unpleasant odor, and it is safe if accidentally contact with the humans skin.
  • Can be used by the available equipment’s (no special equipment’s required to apply).
  • No special precautions for storage, handling or using (only main chemical precautions to be taken).
  • Developed to meet all the requirements of warren spring laboratory specification LR 448 (OP).
  • Developed to meet all the requirements of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan (NOSCP), under the control of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).

For the facility’s and the availability of the product in the emergency cases in Egypt, we can produce and supply the product in a very short time (A.S.A.P.), by a previous agreement, also we can keep in stock a stated quantities that can be collected when needed in hours (6 : 12 hours).

Note: our factory is located in the 10th of Ramadan city, which is in a middle location:

  • 95 minutes away from Suez (130 km from the Red Sea and the Suez Canal).
  • 55 minutes away from Ismailia city (75 km from the middle of the Suez Canal).
  • 120 minutes away from Portsaid city (160 km from the north of Suez Canal).
  • 95 minutes away from Ahmed Hamdy – tunnel (130 km from Sinai main junction).
  • 45 minutes away from Cairo city (60 km from the capital and national Air Port).
  • 170 minutes away from Alexandria city (230 km from the Mediterranean Sea)