Environmental Pollution Fighting How dose D.G.S. 500 O Oil Spill Dispersants S&R work?

[1-D] – How dose D.G.S. 500 O,S&R work?

How does D.G.S. 500 O,S&R work?

The addition of D.G.S. 500 O,S&R is intended to accelerate the natural dispersion of the oil slick. The natural dispersion of the oil slick occurs slowly when waves and other turbulence at the sea surface cause all or part of the slick to break up into droplets and enter into the water column. This natural dispersion is not stabilized with out an strong and effective oil spill dispersant like D.G.S. 500 O,S&R

D.G.S. 500 O,S&R is a blend of a hi-technology specially designed surfactants which are molecules, and have an affinity for two distinct liquids which do not mix, acting as an interface between them. A part of the surfactant molecule used in D.G.S. 500 O,S&R has an attraction to oil (oleophilic), while another part has an attraction for water (hydrophilic), forming immediately spontaneous stable dispersion in a physical mode only (NO CHEMICAL REACTIONS OCCUR).

When D.G.S. 500 O,S&R is sprayed onto an oil slick, the interfacial tension between the oil and water is reduced, promoting the formation of finely dispersed oil droplets. These droplets will remain in suspension; a characteristic plume will spread down from the water surface a few seconds after treatment forming a staple dispersion in the sea water column, in approximately depth of “8” down to “12” meter. 

It is very important to notes that the D.G.S. 500 O,S&R work in a physical action only, and never cause a chemical reaction with the spilled crude oil. Because any chemical reaction with the spilled crude oil will cause the changing of the chemical formulation for it, and that will cause that the new chemical formulation of the crude oil won’t degrade, because the marine microorganisms and bacteria won’t recognized it, or it could take mach more time to start a slowly degradation, which will harm the environment.