Environmental Pollution Fighting How we describe the D.G.S. 500 O Oil Spill Dispersants S&R?

[1-A] – How we describe the D.G.S. 500 O,S&R?

How we describe the D.G.S. 500 O,S&R?

D.G.S. 500 O,S&R is a high performance water base oil spill dispersant, with a very low toxicity, in a new special formula. This new special formula doesn’t contain any hydrocarbon solvents, benzene, chlorinated solvents, aromatics, caustic alkalis, and free mineral acids. This new special formula is based on organic, non- toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, natural, and highly biodegradable compounds.

D.G.S. 500 O,S&R is a high concentrate product to be use as a type 2 as well as a type 3 dispersant for oil slick in sea water. It gives excellent stable dispersion to the oil by converting it in a physical action only (no chemical reaction) to very fine droplets, in order to accelerate natural physical and biological degradation processes, and to permit a good and natural oxygen exchange between air and water.

D.G.S. 500 O,S&R is a powerful degreasing & cleaning agent, that can be used safely to clean oil contaminated areas on beaches, rocky shores, harbor walls, decks, floors, drill cuttings and mechanical equipment’s.