Environmental Pollution Fighting Oil Spill Dispersants S&R Characteristics Some of the D.G.S. 500 O

[1-F] – Some of the D.G.S. 500 O,S&R Characteristics

Some of the D.G.S. 500 O,S&R Characteristics

BaseWater base
Dispersant typeType 2/3
[ type 2 + type 3 ]
AppearanceGolden yellow to dark brown liquid
Odoracceptable, non-disturbing mild odor
[non-penetrating and non-agitating odor]
pH~ 5 : 7 (ą2)
[doesn’t content any mineral acids or free alkalis]
Density @ 23 oc~ 0.99 : 1.02 (ą 0.03) g/cm3
[ASTM D-4052]
Viscosity @ 40 oc~ 25 cSt
[modified ASTM D-445]
SolubilityCompletely fast soluble in sea water
DegradationHighly & completely biodegradable
ToxicityVery low toxicity to marine organisms
[LC50 >10000ppm]
Degradation of dispersed oilOil dispersed by D.G.S. 500 O,S&R is completely degradable after 144 hours (16.67percent/day) [according to the NIOF study]
Hydrocarbon solvents contentNon
[doesn’t content any hydrocarbon solvents]
Copper Corrosion test1A
[ASTM D-130]
Corrosive action on metalsNon corrosive
[safe on ferrous and non ferrous metals & alloys]
Damages to other surfacesNon
[safe on plastic, fiber, rubber, concrete, wood, etc.]
Dose average (concentrate)~ 1% : 10% of the oil by weight
[depending on variable factors]
Dilution~ 10 % with sea water at use
[for a type 2 application]
Safety and HandlingNon dangerous material, but main chemical precautions should be taken when handling or using
Packing~ 200 kg. on Steel or plastic drums